Look, I've played about two hours of this game, so I'm speaking WAY too soon and setting myself up to just be hoisted by how big of a net bad this thing ends up being, but hey - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is a good video game.

I've only played the multiplayer mode, and I don't think I'm going to play the campaign any time soon because I'm not in the mood to be stressed out by GRITTY AND MORALLY GRAY REALISTIC MILITARY ACTION after a long day of work. Do you know what I am in the mood for? Playing "Kill Confirmed" and that rad 2v2 mode on Xbox while my buddies play on PC because yeah - this game has full featured easy-peasy crossplay. We're living in the future, and I hit a positive KDR! I blasted two dudes in a crate with a shotgun! This is unprecedented!

Is most of my game time spent running around in circles in beige-y bombed out Eastern European deathmatch maps? Yes. Obviously. I'm still bad at video games. But is some of that game time spent doing this?

That went really poorly for me, but it made my WEEK. I mean, look at the way they realize what's about to happen and turn just as the grenade goes off.


Let's wrap this one up while I'm ahead, but hey, if you wanna play with me, my Activision Account (lol) is foremostgrub9. I'll be playing like every other night for about three more weeks, which I'm guessing is roughly how long it will take for all the other people who are just as bad as me will get tired of playing and leave me to be trampled by the e-thletes.

Hey, I Do Not Know What I'm Talking About, But the New Call of Duty is Very Good

Hey, turns out - game good.